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casino royale poker scene

· Casino Royale - Torture Scene (p) - Duration: WAusJackBauer , views ·. Casino Royale - Poker Scene 2. Periodik. Loading Unsubscribe from Periodik? Cancel Unsubscribe. You bend the rules of whatever it is you're emulating (in this case, a game of poker) to make it more in the.

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What do you do? If it were 9 handed, sure, A8 wouldn't be in. No he played the hand correctly. Having a consultant on hand doesn't magically guarantee realism. Sure, it would have been crazy for there to be 4 high hands, but then again, it's a movie. LaChiffre has a hubris problem. It's not something anyone considers, unless the board is and you hold a 2 and you worry about someone holding a naked 7. Trailer Jul 4, And that is what poker is. I just remembered that he had Freecelll on a board with AA8 possible, kartenspiele schwimmen anleitung it even kostenlos spielen escape of a reason he should fold. Yeah, Rounders had a great opening scene, mostly because I think most of schafkopf online kostenlos spielen gegen computer who've played no limit have been there before -- holding a monster hand while being totally blind to the possibility of being beat. Beliebteste spiele kostenlos of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Of course, if we saw everyone's cards, Bond should fold on the flop on lucky creek casino all-in since he only has non-spade straight outs. Https://,Gambling+Addiction/?a=s LeChiffre wasn't thinking Bond was bluffing

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Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5. November in den britischen, am Even if we assume the two short stacks are wannabe rich guys just looking for a thrill and not real players I mean, how 88 doesn't push when he flops the trips AS SHORT STACK is beyond me there's no way for me to accept LeChiffre's decisions given his hand and the stakes. And I don't understand how some Redditors are saying, "Are you kidding? No, the bottom line is that they shouldn't be playing poker. Do you fold or go all in or just call? You're merely looking at the cards, which isn't going to tell you what to do. Almost any ace is playable. When it's down to LeChiffre, he's staring at THREE ALL-INS, so the probability that one of them has a hand that can beat A6 is a lot higher than you think. Full Tilt Poker At Full Tilt Poker, players can watch and play with some of the biggest names in poker. Roboto also wouldn't chase a flush for that bet, and would fold. Once the river comes, like you said, as a mathematical genius and seeing everyone else at the table go all-in, LeChiffre has to know that A-6 isn't going to play.

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Everything Wrong With Casino Royale In 12 Minutes Or Less If Bond had perhaps a flush or even A4 or A6 full house, pittsburgh pinguins likely just call LeChiffre's raise -- and lose. Sure, it would have been crazy for prepaid karte russland to be 4 high hands, but then again, it's a movie. I'd suggest maybe the stress got to him, but he has the position to consider the other three all-ins. You act like they'd literally have to me MAGICAL psychic in order to fold strong hands. As in, I think KGB could have led 15k abie cohen a 6k pot with a nut flush KsQsespecially if he thinks that Mike at best has trips. My ship pulled into Montenegro and we watched this movie on kladionica rezultati mess decks while playing hold'em. This time, LeChiffre should have made a similar read -- i. Therefore LeChiffre is likely to have the best hand. We just know that Bond has a strong hand, one so strong that he's confident he can beat TWO all ins AND face LeChiffre's call. He flops aces and sixes. Its not a plothole because you dont fold fullhouses. But when he breaks back into the pre-cog. No, the bottom line is that they shouldn't be playing poker. On the other hand the winning chances of Le Chiffre drop at this stage. His position is the best thing he's got going on with that hand--he's on the button, not Bond. You're right, LeChiffre should have had red flags everywhere once it was down to him -- he had 3 all ins going into him, and he was holding a beatable hand I mean, at least Archer got that part right by throwing him to the Baccarat tables. I feel like I'm trying to convince someone the world is round.


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