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Oberlin College Gay Statistics Discrimination Ratio


Oberlin College is suffering financially and in enrollment after several years of negative publicity regarding racial, gender, anti-Semitic and social justice activism on campus. Oberlin College enrollment drops, causing financial problems. Those financial and enrollment problems also more recently received attention at Inside Higher Ed.

It is embroiled in a bitter town-gown battle with a local bakery targeted by Oberlin students, faculty and administrators for alleged racial profiling of three black students arrested for shoplifting. Those arrests led to protests and a boycott against the bakery that continue despite the three students having pleaded guilty.

One such former student has recently filed a Title IX report against him. A male student who was expelled from campus in October for alleged sexual assault has filed a federal lawsuit against Oberlin.

Though the lawsuit was filed in Juneit has not received any publicity. This is a problem at other campuses we have covered dozens of times, the so-called kangaroo courts which Oberlin College Gay Statistics Discrimination Ratio as rubber stamps under pressure from Obama Education Department Office of Civil rights guidance.

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The following documents in John Doe v. The details of the sexual encounter and recriminations are all too familiar to anyone who has read the complaints being filed around the country regarding higher education sexual assault adjudications. There were text messages and other evidence that at least at the start, both parties were on board.

In addition, LGBT students and...

At some point, the female asked for intercourse to stop because she was experiencing physical discomfort from the intercourse, and the male stopped. At that point the male requested that the female perform oral sex on him, and she did. The alleged violation of the campus code took place only on the issue of consent to oral sex, not the preceding intercourse and other sexual relatoins.

As in so many cases, the allegation of sexual assault was not made immediately, but only after a period of time. At the hearing that would change, and she alleged the use of force to push her head down during oral sex. From the Complaint, the encounter was in the early morning of February 28,and when it was Oberlin College Gay Statistics Discrimination Ratio. Roe then engaged in friendly small talk as they lay on his bed, after which Ms.

Roe got dressed, collected her things, and left. On March 9,Ms. Roe went to Meredith Raimondo and reported Mr. Doe for sexual assault…. Jane Roe told the investigator that, after leaving Mr.

Roe did not tell that friend that she had been assaulted. By her own testimony, she remembered telling that friend only that she was emotional and had had sex with Mr. That friend testified that she received a text from Ms.

Roe at about 3: Roe came to her room soon afterwards.

The friend confirmed to the investigator that Ms. Roe never told her that Mr. Doe had assaulted her. She also confirmed that Ms. Specifically, this friend testified that Ms. Roe came to her room and expressed regret that she had chosen to hook up with Mr. In her words, Ms. As the investigative report reveals, Ms.

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Roe would gradually increase the severity of her allegations as she retold the events of that night over the next several days. On Monday, February 29, Roe spoke to another friend about her night with Mr. Roe claimed that Mr.

Doe used any kind of force or that he pushed her head down as she performed oral sex on him. She also did not report that Ms. Roe conveyed to her any outward indications that would have indicated her level of intoxication to Mr. Here are some excerpts from the Complaint framing the legal context of the encounter in terms of consent:. The panel concluded that, when John Doe asked Jane Roe to perform oral sex on him late one night, she was too intoxicated to consent, and John Doe should have known that.

Yet Oberlin, like most every school in the country, does not punish all, or even most, drunken sex. But that statement did not occur in a vacuum. But on another level, that decision unfortunately comes as no surprise at all: Jane Roe was a female student accusing a male student of sexual assault at Oberlin College. And that is exactly what Oberlin has done: According to its Spring Campus Climate Report, it had found every single sexual assault respondent who went through its formal resolution process during that academic year responsible on at least one charge.

Jane Roe levied her allegations against John Doe the same semester that report came out. It was all but inevitable that John Doe would be found responsible. John Doe was found responsible, and expelled, because the same gender bias that motivated the Oberlin College Gay Statistics Discrimination Ratio of the Policy and its implementation on campus demanded it.

Most parties making reports ask for various remedies but also request that the College take no disciplinary action against nor inform the responding party about the report, which the College honors to the extent that it is possible to maintain a safe and equitable learning and working environment.

About 20 percent of all reports in —16 were referred to full investigation, and if appropriate, formal investigation. The threshold to move to formal process was met in around half of investigations where the responding party was subject to a College process some investigations relate to allegations made about individuals who have graduated, left employment with the College, or cannot be identified. When the threshold [to move to formal process] was met, findings of responsibility on all charges occurred in 70 percent of processes.

The Complaint also details how federal pressure from the Obama administration Dept. The OCR investigation initiated at Oberlin in November brought Oberlin under the intense scrutiny of an Education Department that the college knew was primarily concerned with eradicating the perpetration of sexual violence by men against women.

Oberlin knew that failing Oberlin College Gay Statistics Discrimination Ratio appear Oberlin College Gay Statistics Discrimination Ratio OCR during this investigation to be tough on sexual assault alleged by women against men risked substantial negative publicity and a loss of federal funding. When the threshold was met [for formal resolution], findings of responsibility on all charges occurred in 70 percent of processes.

In the remaining processesthe responding party was found responsible for some but not all of the conduct charges. Upon information and belief, the vast majority of the Oberlin students who bring sexual misconduct complaints are women, and the vast majority of the Oberlin students accused of sexual misconduct are men….

On October 11,Oberlin issued a decision letter notifying the parties of the outcome of the hearing. As that language suggests, the panel Oberlin College Gay Statistics Discrimination Ratio not conclude that consent was absent for the entire encounter.

Roe performed on Mr. It concluded that, after Ms. Oberlin has filed a Motion to Dismiss. A motion to dismiss is not the place to dispute the facts; to the contrary, the moving party and the court must accept the facts alleged but not the conclusions or speculation as true and draw reasonable inferences in favor of the plaintiff.

Does Plaintiff state a claim for breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing when such a Oberlin College Gay Statistics Discrimination Ratio is not cognizable under Ohio law? Does Plaintiff state a claim for negligent infliction of emotional distress when he does not allege that he was in danger of suffering physical harm?

Foremost, the university's non-discrimination policy...

It is not for the Courts, Oberlin argues, to substitute their own judgment for those of the Oberlin adjudicators:. In short, Plaintiff wants this Court to act as a policy maker and substitute its judgment for that of Oberlin.

Non-Discrimination. ARTICLE XI Non-Discrimination. include...

Courts, including those in this District, consistently refuse to assume this role. The Motion disputes that an alleged culture of pressure on sexual assault cases gives rise to a legal claim, and disputes that plaintiff has alleged enough facts to prove discrimination on the basis of sex, regardless of the statistics on conviction rate:. Plaintiff offers no allegations that, if believed, would demonstrate that Oberlin would have approached the sexual assault report at issue any differently if Statistics Discrimination Ratio female student, rather than Plaintiff, had been accused of sexual misconduct.

Plaintiff claims that Oberlin failed to apply the preponderance of the evidence standard because the Hearing Panel did not have sufficient evidence to find him responsible for sexual assault. You can read the Opposition to the Motion to Dismiss in which, not surprisingly, plaintiff disputes many of the legal arguments made by Oberlin. Whether it Oberlin College Gay foreseeable that private colleges will have to discipline their students and that doing so carries significant consequences to them, such that they owe their students a common law duty of care in doing so.

Plaintiff was found responsible for engaging in sexual contact when it should have been clear that the other person was too intoxicated to consent. The issue is not whether Plaintiff can point to evidence that supports his belief that he did not violate the Policy. This is another human being, not a sacrifice to appease Feminism.

Statistics Discrimination Ratio now one would think this story would be used on campuses throughout the USA as an exemplar of mob psychology, showing just how quickly even the supposedly enlightened and highly educated can transform into a self-righteous mob that no longer has any need wish to seek truth because it has absolutely convinced itself that it already possesses it. Also missing is the statistic for how many of these ludicrous kangaroo court investigations are accompanied by an actual CRIMINAL prosecution and conviction for the charges.

What happens to schools like this?

Now all of that is destroyed under the hoofbeats of progressive corruption. That means that at least one of the issues as framed by Oberlin: Stone cold sober the danged cell phone will alter words Oberlin College Gay Statistics Discrimination some frequency and require proof reading before sending in order to find the errors.

What could possibly go wrong? Criminal actions and formal accusations should be immediately turned over to the police for prosecution, where the accused will receive due process and hopefully a fair trial. What a travesty that this is being done, to anyone — although the target is male, especially straight white males.

So, whoopsey-daisy, there go the received due process safeguards. They should be prosecuted by our judicial system. This is a vigilante system and "Ratio" be prosecuted. I thought that is exactly what HOAs do, find you guilty of violating their rules and apply fines. Refuse to pay the fine and they file a lien on the property.

Oberlin College should be shut down. Unspoken in all of these codes is an implicit and Ratio gender bias.